Hello!, my name is Nadua Jara Silva Acosta and I’m an international student from Paraguay. Currently I’ am doing my master in Marketing at Florida International University located in Miami, and I will be graduating in August 2019. I graduated from a Bachelor in Business with double majors in International Business and Marketing at Florida International University in August 2016. Go Panthers!

I moved to Miami 6 years ago, to start college in Miami. Being from Paraguay, a country that has two official languages and living in a city that is 15 minutes away from Brazil allow me to speak three languages fluently aside from English, which is: Spanish, Guarani (an indigenous language from the Tupi Guarani) and Portuguese.

I also hold a diploma as a Ballerina, which means that I love to dance, and anything related to art. Some of my hobbies are: to take pictures of things I find pretty, and later play with adobe Photoshop or adobe Illustrator.

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