Implementing A.I in Marketing

Implementing A.I in Marketing

A.I is being used in a lot of business these past years; it really helps a business grow. A.I stands for Artificial Intelligence, it is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, like computer systems. It is the process of learning, reasoning and self-correction text. The amazing Sean Gardner (#1 Social Media Power Influencer) talks about the importance of implementing A.I in a business, during his presentation at the Digital Branding Analytics Miami 2019 Conference.  

He mentioned that most American are unaware that they already use A.I like navigation maps and ride-sharing apps and how fats the use of A.I had growth during the past years. For example, LUMEN5 is A.I, a lot of marketers use it in their campaign because it helps you boosts conversions and sales. It helps build an emotional connection with your target audience and also it has a better appeal to Mobile Users.

Something that caught my attention during the presentation was that various new agencies are using A.I automation to write articles, companies like Bloomberg are using it to create articles through a period of 3 months. Articoolo is a tool that use A.I to write articles.

A.I also use for logos, for example, Looka is a tool that helps create a brand-new logo just in seconds based on the company name and samples. The interesting part of these tools is that they are not expensive, it is great for people who are just starting their own business and don’t have a big budget. 

Another thing that surprises me is that there are A.I for online networking such as Crystal Knows, that use social media to explain for to work with someone and emails them. And there is also Influential, it matches companies with social media influencer based on data from IBM Watson.

A.I is empowering business, all these tools based on A.I helps increase productivity and also helps replace a function, not a person but a function where the person focuses more on another thing.

If you want to know more about Sean’s presentation at #DBAmiami, check the video below:

#DBAmiami 2019

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