Social Media in the Fashion Industry

Social Media is the key for every marketing strategy nowadays; it’s a dialogue between the Fashion Company and the customers. It helps the company to introduce new products, events, and campaigns to the public. As other companies sectors, many fashion brands are coming up with innovative ways to market to their audiences because the traditional ways are not having as much effect as it used to. 

Fashion brands are investing more money and time, to determine what works well and where the returns on investment can be found. With the rise of Social Media, it started to change the game of the fashion industry. People are getting more into it, resulting in trends, hashtags, followers, and the excitement of being popular in the different platforms provided to the customers to grow.

The Rise of Influencers

Social media give the fashion industry the ability to do more than just get in front of consumers on a paper magazine and Runaways. Fashion companies now have the potential to interact directly with customers on a daily basis. The demand for the fashion opinion of consumers, who are referred to as fashion influencers on social media and in the fashion world is getting stronger than ever. The rise of influencers in fashion is helping a lot to the brands to increase their sales, for example; if you see an influencer wearing an outfit you love in any platform such as Instagram or Facebook, you can find it and purchase the items very fast, right from the phone.

This is so big that fashion brands are contacting influencers for content and clothing collaborations. Platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most used for campaigns and more. Fashion companies such as REVOLVE and ASOS are doing partnerships, collaborations and sponsoring with other companies, fashion bloggers, fashion influencers, famous people, beauty and fashion vlogger.

Targeting the New Market

Millennials are known for not being very trusting of advertising campaigns. They think of it to be planned, or misleading. This means that magazines and advertising campaigns don’t have the influence that they once did. Many social media users look for others people validation when they post content because millennials are likely to be influenced into making a purchase based on the user-generated content by other people who have experienced the product or service.

Having this in mind, it is not a surprise that fashion brands focus on Instagram to reach their market target. Even now, most of others sectors companies are jumping into the social media world that once were afraid of social media for the fear of it affecting their brand. As social media rise, it gives brands the chance to reach the desired audience in a quick and much effective way.

To conclude, we can say that social media is very important in any marketing strategy especially in the fashion industry not only help you increase your ROI, it also gives a more close relationship with the customers. As marketers we should always come up with new innovative ways to get to our customers. Every social media platform should be used as an advantage to promote any fashion brand because it gives you a lot of exposure.

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